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Math 311-001 201110 Assignment # 3 (due: March 10th)

Summary: Math 311-001 201110
Assignment # 3 (due: March 10th)
1. Prove that every uniformly convergent sequence of bounded functions
is uniformly bounded.
2. If {fn}, {gn} converge uniformly on E, prove that so does {fn + gn}.
3. Construct sequences {fn}, {gn} such that both converge uniformly on
a set E, but such that {fngn} does not converge uniformly. Can you
make all functions fn, gn bounded?
4. Consider
f(x) =

1 + n2x
For what values of x does the series converge absolutely? On what
intervals does it converge uniformly? On what intervals does if fail to
converge uniformly? Is f continuous wherever the series converges? Is
f bounded?
5. Let


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics