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Inconsistencies in Constituent Theories of World Views : Quantum Mechanical Examples

Summary: Inconsistencies in Constituent Theories of World
Views : Quantum Mechanical Examples
Diederik Aerts, Jan Broekaert and Sonja Smets
Center Leo Apostel, Brussels Free University,
Krijgskundestraat 33, 1160 Brussels, Belgium
e-mails: diraerts@vub.ac.be, jbroekae@vub.ac.be,
keywords: world views, quantum mechanics, inconsistency, paradox, wave-particle
duality, non-locality, paraconsistent, paracomplete.
We put forward the hypothesis that there exist three basic attitudes to-
wards inconsistencies within world views: (1) The inconsistency is toler-
ated temporarily and is viewed as an expression of a temporary lack of
knowledge due to an incomplete or wrong theory. The resolution of the
inconsistency is believed to be inherent to the improvement of the theory.
This improvement ultimately resolves the contradiction and therefore we
call this attitude the `regularising' attitude; (2) The inconsistency is tol-
erated and both contradicting elements in the theory are retained. This
attitude integrates the inconsistency and leads to a paraconsistent calcu-
lus; therefore we will call it the paraconsistent attitude. (3) In the third


Source: Aerts, Diederik - Leo Apostel Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Physics