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Am. J. Hum. Genet. 76:3341, 2005 Sex-Specific Genetic Architecture of Whole Blood Serotonin Levels

Summary: Am. J. Hum. Genet. 76:3341, 2005
Sex-Specific Genetic Architecture of Whole Blood Serotonin Levels
Lauren A. Weiss,1
Mark Abney,1
Edwin H. Cook, Jr.2
, and Carole Ober1
Departments of 1
Human Genetics and 2
Psychiatry, The University of Chicago, Chicago
Recently, a quantitative-trait locus (QTL) for whole blood serotonin level was identified in a genomewide linkage
and association study in a founder population. Because serotonin level is a sexually dimorphic trait, in the present
study, we evaluated the sex-specific genetic architecture of whole blood serotonin level in the same population.
Here, we use an extended homozygosity-by-descent linkage method that is suitable for large complex pedigrees.
Although both males and females have high broad heritability ( ), females have a higher additive com-2
H p 0.99
ponent ( in females; in males). Furthermore, the serotonin QTL on 17q that was identified2 2
h p 0.63 h p 0.27
previously in this population, integrin b3 (ITGB3), and a novel locus on 2q influence serotonin levels only in males,
whereas linkage to a region on chromosome 6q is specific to females. Both sexes contribute to linkage signals on


Source: Abney, Mark - Department of Human Genetics, University of Chicago


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Biology and Medicine