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Optimized View Frustum Culling Algorithms Ulf Assarsson and Tomas Moller

Summary: Optimized View Frustum Culling Algorithms
Ulf Assarsson and Tomas M¨oller
Chalmers University of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Technical Report 99-3
March 1999
This paper presents new techniques for fast view frustum culling. View
frustum cullers (VFCs) are typically used in virtual reality software, walk-
through algorithms, scene graph APIs or other 3D graphics applications.
First we develop a fast basic VFC algorithm. Then we suggest and eval-
uate four further optimizations, which are independent of each other and
works for all kinds of VFC algorithms that test the bounding volumes
(BVs) against the planes of the view frustum. Results when optimizing
specifically for axis aligned bounding boxes (AABBs), oriented bound-
ing boxes (OBBs), bounding spheres and different kinds of navigation are
delivered. In particular, we provide solutions which give average speed
ups of 3-10 times for AABBS and OBBs depending on the circumstances,
compared to the conventional AABB algorithm used for instance in Di-
rectModel [DirectModel], and speed ups of 1.2-1.4 for bounding spheres,


Source: Assarsson, Ulf - Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences