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transmission through seeds that is seen in Arnold et al.1

Summary: transmission through seeds that is seen in
Arnold et al.1
next looked at the distri-
bution of endophyte diversity in cacao. The
most similar communities occurred in
neighbouring sites, and they became more
divergent as the distance between sites
increased. There was little evidence that
endophyte composition reflects habitat
type. The authors also sampled three tree
species, including cacao, at a single site and
foundthatmosttypesof endophyteshowed
host affinity,infecting only one of the three.
In fact, endophyte communities from dif-
ferent host species at a single site were more
divergent than communities from cacao
trees at separate sites. Arnold et al. con-
firmed this apparent host preference using
agar plate assays in which fungal endo-


Source: Ajayan, Pulickel M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Rice University


Collections: Materials Science