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Japan Diary David Notkin

Summary: Japan Diary
David Notkin
1 14 June 1990 Arrival, TIT, Stupid Pet Tricks
Well, Cathy and I left for Japan a week ago today (well, maybe tomorrow, because of the International Date
Line). Without question, it has been one of the strangest weeks of our lives. Rather than give a play-by-play,
I'll try to hit a couple of highlights instead.
We're staying at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TiTech, TIT, or ToKoDai, as you prefer) International
Guest House, which is very modern and quite nice. We have about 400 square feet, including a bathroom,
the tiniest washing machine you ever did see, a living room/dining room/kitchen combination, a bedroom,
and a balcony (with some poles that are the dryer to go with the washer).
Monday was my first day on the job. I felt like I was on Letterman doing stupid pet tricks. All four of us
(Cathy, Kevin, Kelleen, and me) were shunted from office to office, being introduced to people for reasons
that have not yet become clear. Kevin and I signed our contracts (most in Japanese, although a couple were
in both Japanese and English). The most unusual document (of the ones I could read) said:
Dear Mr. David Samuel Notkin
Starting June 9, 1990 you are expected to accept employment as a facutly [sic] member at Tokyo
Institute of Technology. I wonder if your employment with us should in any form affect your
citizenship resulting in the loss of your nationality under the laws of your country. Although
such seems unlikely in your case, let me call your attention to the possibility by way of friendly


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences