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An Accurate DAC Modeling Technique Based on Wavelet Theory

Summary: An Accurate DAC Modeling Technique Based on
Wavelet Theory
James T. Doyle*,Young Jun Lee, Yong-Bin Kim
National Semiconductor Inc.* Electrical and Computer Eng. Dept, Northeastern University
Abstmct- Two new DAC modeling techniques based on
principles of wavelet theory are described in this paper.
Macro model and mathematical model are developed for
analog and digital circuit simulation, respectively for fast
and accurate results using exponential function, damped
sine wave,and linear waveform. An 8 bit DAC has been im-
plemented to simulate and evaluate the models. The INLs
ofthe macro and mathematical model based simulations are
i O.ZLSB, which are the same a s HSPICE simulation. The
DNLs of HSPICE simulation, macro model, and mathemat-
ical model based simulations are f 0.22LSB, +0.28LSB, and
f O.ZSLSB, respectively. The simulation times are 2.9 sec-
ond for macro model, 0.15 second for mathematical model,
and 68.09 second for HSPICE simulation.


Source: Ayers, Joseph - Marine Science Center & Department of Biology, Northeastern University


Collections: Engineering