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User-friendly Multimodal Services -A MUST for UMTS Going the Multimodal route: making and evaluating a multimodal

Summary: User-friendly Multimodal Services - A MUST for UMTS
Going the Multimodal route: making and evaluating a multimodal
tourist guide service
Luis Almeida*
(1), Ingunn Amdal (2), Nuno Beires (1), Malek Boualem (3), Lou Boves
(4), Els den Os (5), Pascal Filoche (3), Rui Gomes (1), Jan Eikeset Knudsen (2), Knut
Kvale (2), John Rugelbak (2), Claude Tallec (3), Narada Warakagoda (2)
(1) Portugal Telecom Inovação, (2) Telenor R&D, (3) France Télécom R&D, (4)
University of Nijmegen, (5) Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
The success of new mobile services depends on the added value perceived by the user, and on the user-
friendliness of these services. Multimodal interfaces allow users to select the most appropriate and
suitable input and output modalities for interacting according to usage-context. The aspects involved in
the implementation of a service with a multimodal interface and usability issues related with this new
kind of interfaces are studied in the EURESCOM project MUST (MUltimodal, multilingual information
Services for small mobile Terminals). This paper focuses on the technical issues of the implementation of
a multimodal speech-centric tourist guide for Paris and on the evaluation performed by usability experts.
1. Introduction
For Telecom Operators it is essential to invoke the widest possible use of their future UMTS services.
The problems with the introduction of WAP services have proved that wide usage presupposes that at


Source: Amdal, Ingunn - Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Engineering