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Incremental Diagnosis of DES with a Non-Exhaustive Diagnosis Engine

Summary: Incremental Diagnosis of DES
with a Non-Exhaustive Diagnosis Engine
Alban Grastien

NICTA and The Australian National University (ANU),
Canberra, Australia
Abstract: The incremental diagnosis of discrete-event systems is the problem of updating
the diagnosis when new observations are available. For solving this problem, most approaches
use diagnosis engines that return all the diagnoses, and concatenate the diagnoses of the new
observations to the previous diagnoses. In this paper, we define the notion of non-exhaustive
diagnosis engine, which returns only the preferred diagnosis, and we show how such an engine
can be used for the incremental diagnosis. This is done by the mean of the so-called prediction
windows that specify a delay that is sufficient to return a correct and accurate diagnosis.
Keywords: Diagnosis, Discrete-Event Systems, Incremental Diagnosis
Many man-made systems require proper supervision to de-
tect the occurrence of failures, in order to take appropriate
actions and to recover to an acceptable state. This task,


Source: Anbulagan, A. - National ICT Australia & Computer Sciences Laboratory, Australian National University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences