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IEICE TRANS. ??, VOL.Exx--??, NO.xx XXXX 200x Stochastic Analysis of Finite Population Bu#erless

Summary: IEICE TRANS. ??, VOL.Exx--??, NO.xx XXXX 200x
Stochastic Analysis of Finite Population Bu#erless
Multiplexing in Optical Packet/Burst Switching Systems
Nail AKAR +a) , Member and Yavuz GUNALAY ++b) , Nonmember
SUMMARY In this letter, we study the blocking probabil­
ities in an asynchronous optical packet/burst switching system
with full wavelength conversion. Most of the existing work use
Poisson tra#c models that is well­suited for an infinite population
of users. In this letter, the optical packet tra#c arriving at the
switching system is modeled through a superposition of a finite
number of identical on­o# sources. We propose a block tridiago­
nal LU factorization algorithm to e#ciently solve the two dimen­
sional Markov chain that arises in the modeling of the switching
key words: optical packet switching, optical burst switching,
on­o# tra#c, Markov chains
1. Introduction
Two packet­based optical switching paradigms have re­


Source: Akar, Nail - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering