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FIX: Feature-based Indexing Technique for XML Documents

Summary: FIX: Feature-based Indexing Technique for
XML Documents
Ning Zhang M. Tamer ĻOzsu Ihab F. Ilyas Ashraf Aboulnaga
University of Waterloo
Indexing large XML databases is crucial for efficient eval-
uation of XML twig queries. In this paper, we propose a
feature-based indexing technique, called FIX, based on spec-
tral graph theory. The basic idea is that for each twig pat-
tern in a collection of XML documents, we calculate a vector
of features based on its structural properties. These features
are used as keys for the patterns and stored in a B+
Given an XPath query, its feature vector is first calculated
and looked up in the index. Then a further refinement phase
is performed to fetch the final results. We experimentally
study the indexing technique over both synthetic and real
data sets. Our experiments show that FIX provides great
pruning power and could gain an order of magnitude per-


Source: Aboulnaga, Ashraf - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences