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1997 IEEE Local Skew Angle Estimation from Background Space in

Summary:  1997 IEEE
Local Skew Angle Estimation from Background Space in
Text Regions
Apostolos Antonacopoulos
Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool,
Peach Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZF, United Kingdom (aa@csc.liv.ac.uk)
Almost all document analysis approaches need to per-
form a global analysis of the page orientation as a sepa-
rate process at an early stage. It would be preferable to
estimate the orientation locally after page segmentation
and classification, when more knowledge about the differ-
ent regions is available. In this paper, a novel local skew
estimation method is presented that takes advantage of
the information available after flexible and efficient page
segmentation and classification methods have been ap-
plied to the document image. The proposed method accu-
rately estimates the orientation of individual text regions
by efficiently analysing the arrangement of background
space contained in them. No assumption is made of the


Source: Antonacopoulos, Apostolos - School of Computing, Science and Engineering, University of Salford


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences