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The Game of the Biomousa: A View of Discovery and Creation

Summary: The Game of the Biomousa: A View of
Discovery and Creation
Diederik Aerts
Center Leo Apostel.
Brussels Free University,
Brussels, Belgium.
1 Introduction
No branch of science is explicitly devoted to studying world views and there
are probably several reasons for this. First and foremost there is so little
consensus within the same discipline, that very different and generally in-
compatible fragments of world views exist. On the other hand, there is a
certain diffidence, perhaps even a taboo, about putting these fragments of
world views, often the subject of enthusiastic discussions over coffee at sci-
entific gatherings, into the form of a text. This diffidence is very marked
amongst physicists because they know from experience how quickly, and for
various reasons, such an attempt is dismissed as "unscientific" and "spec-
ulative". The world view fragment I would like to present here from the
viewpoint of quantum mechanics should therefore be looked at in this light.
It contains a number of aspects that are speculative and others that are


Source: Aerts, Diederik - Leo Apostel Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Collections: Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources; Physics