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MULTINET: Enabler for Next Generation Enterprise Wireless services

Summary: MULTINET: Enabler for Next Generation
Enterprise Wireless services
Nekane BILBAO1
, Leire AGINAKO1
, Oscar LAZARO, Tobias HOF, Christian BONNET,
Pablo VAQUERO, Silvia DE LA MAZA, Robert ATKINSON, Benjamin MOLINA, John.
Euskaltel, , Zamudio, 48160, Spain
Tel: +34 94 4011000, Fax: + 34 , Email:
nbmaron@colaboradores.euskaltel.com, laginako@euskaltel.com
Wireless communications are currently experiencing a fast migration toward the
beyond third-generation (B3G)/fourth generation (4G) era. This represents a
generational change in wireless systems: new capabilities related to mobility and
new services support is required and new concepts as individual-centric, user-centric
or ambient-aware communications are included. One of the main restrictions
associated to wireless technology is mobility management, this feature was not
considered in the design phase; for this reason, a complete solution is not already
found, although different solutions are proposed and are being proposed. In
MULTINET project, features as mobility and multihoming are applied to wireless


Source: Atkinson, Robert C - Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde


Collections: Engineering