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Automatic Detection and Tracking of Security Breaches in Airports Sangkyu Kang*

Summary: Automatic Detection and Tracking of Security Breaches in Airports
Sangkyu Kang*
, Besma Abidi, and Mongi Abidi
Imaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-2100
A surveillance system that detects and tracks security breaches in airports is presented. The system consists of two
subsystems with one overhead static and one Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera to first acquire and then follow an intruder
who illegally walks into a crowded secure area of an airport. The overhead camera detects the intruder using a motion-
based segmentation and an optical flow algorithm. Intruder handover from the overhead camera to the PTZ camera is
then performed. A novel approach for intruder handover and feature extraction using color is presented for continuous
tracking with the PTZ camera when the intruder moves out of the view of the overhead camera. We also use a mean
shift filter with a newly designed non-rectangular search window which will be automatically updated to accurately
localize the target. Real experimental results from a local airport are given and discussed.
Keywords: video tracking, non-rigid color tracking, motion-based segmentation, real-time implementation, airport
FAA regulations mandate that every airplane passenger goes through a security checkpoint where he/she is
subjected to at least two types of inspections: (a) a metal detector inspection for any weapons on his/her body and (b) an
x-ray inspection of the content of his/her carry on luggage. For this reason, using an exit lane to bypass the security


Source: Abidi, Mongi A. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences