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VLSI Projects adnan@ece.utexas.edu

Summary: VLSI Projects
Adnan Aziz
Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Your task in this project is to use the skills you have been acquiring through the lectures and labs to design a fairly
sophisticated module--an intellectual property (IP) core.
The purpose of the project is threefold:
1. It is worth 25% of your grade (but this should be the least important item);
2. working on this project should be training on how to go about approaching a design project; and
3. the project should yield results:
experimental results on the efficacy of proposed VLSI architectures, and
suggestions for improving these architectures.
Projects can be done individually, or in groups of 23; naturally, I will expect more from group projects.
1 Timeline
I do not want a student going off on a tangent, only to learn at the end of the semester that this happened. On the other
hand, I don't want to stifle creativity by monitoring things too closely. Most of all, I do not want rush jobs, where
everything is crammed into a few days at the end of the semester. You need time to develop these projects.
Project selection: You should make a decision as to the projects you are interested in working on by Wednesday,


Source: Aziz, Adnan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences