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ACI Committee Meeting Notes November 17, 2005

Summary: ACI Committee Meeting Notes
November 17, 2005
Attendees: Jim Borgford-Parnell (CELT), Carl Ebeling (CSE), Brad Holt (Chem E), Tom Horbett (BioE),
Don Janssen (CEE), Karen Kasonic (TC), John Kramlich (ME), Uy-Loi Ly (AA), Eve Riskin (Chair), Ming-
Ting Sun, (EE), Eric Stuve (CHEM E), Cindy Bush (CoE)
Writing Assessments for ABET Self-Study
Writing assessments have been completed for Bio E, PSE, and MSE. An IE assessment is in progress.
Assessments still need to be scheduled for AA, Chem E, CEE, CSE, EE and ME. Janice Henderson will
work with these departments to schedule these, and will include Jim Borgford-Parnell if possible.
Evaluation Questionnaire
Questions 3 and 8 will be modified to reflect ABET criterion c and h. Don Janssen will share his
department's course and program specific questions to add to the course evaluation forms.
Course Modification Form
Eve Riskin and Eric Stuve designed a course modification form to show changes made to course.
This form would be populated by departmental staff with information about the course, including
the published course description. This form will address issues from the past and will help to close
the loop. ABET would like to see a consistent system to address issues and continuous improvement,
so this idea is a good one. The form will also go into the teaching assessment portfolio. Eve will look
around other university websites to see if there is a form in existence that we could adopt.
2000 ABET Departmental Self Study


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


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