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Chunk Stylebook Steven Abney

Summary: Chunk Stylebook
Steven Abney
1 Introduction
Roughly speaking, a chunk is the non-recursive core of an intra-clausal con-
stituent, extending from the beginning of the constituent to its head, but not
including post-head dependents. A sample text is provided in the last section
of this paper to give an intuitive idea of what we have in mind.
In marking chunks, we are interested only in their category and start and
end points. Evaluation consists in marking concordance lines of corpus positions
i with the category and end-point of the chunk (if any) that begins at i. For
41/1087: with " significant " business stemming ]vgx from we
19/530: The SEC will probably vot
25/701: arch and development , Mr. Lane said ]vx . // The rul
47/1233: Co. , a maker of biotechnology instrumentation and e
63/1746: disturb or challenge a listener . // And so it went t
21/583: , that the proposed changes " would substantially i
22/605: " What the investors who oppose ]vx the propos
36/966: Both funds are expected to


Source: Abney, Steven P. - School of Information, University of Michigan


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences