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www.osa-opn.org Haim Suchowski, Barry D. Bruner, Ady Arie and Yaron Silberberg

Summary: www.osa-opn.org
Haim Suchowski, Barry D. Bruner, Ady Arie and Yaron Silberberg
Broadband Nonlinear
Frequency Conversion
1047-6938/10/09/0036/6-$15.00 ŠOSA
36 | OPN Optics & Photonics News
There is growing demand for coherent light in wavelength regimes that are not attainable
with conventional lasers. Researchers are working to develop new techniques for
nonlinear frequency conversion as well as novel crystal design structures to help meet
this need. Their work is leading to applications in optical communications, metrology
and other areas.
ost of the optical phenomena that we encounter in everyday life--such as refraction, absorption and
dispersion--occur in the realm of linear optics. With these types of linear optical effects, the intensity
or propagation direction of the light wave can change based on the interaction between light and matter.
However, other properties of light--in particular, the spectrum of colors contained in the beam--remain
completely unaffected.
In contrast, in the nonlinear optical regime, it becomes possible to transform this fundamental property of light
beams--their color--and even to mix colors to create new ones, much like a painter combines colors on a palette. This
requires high light intensities that were inaccessible before the invention of the laser.


Source: Arie, Ady - Department of Electrical Engineering-Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Engineering