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Abstract. Two MADS-box genes, MdMADS3 and MdMADS4, were isolated from the apple (Ma-

Summary: Abstract. Two MADS-box genes, MdMADS3 and
MdMADS4, were isolated from the apple (Ma-
lus ´ domestica Borkh.) cultivar Fuji, and their spatial
and temporal expression patterns were studied during
morphological dierentiation of the Żower buds and the
fruits. Both MdMADS3 and MdMADS4 showed high
sequence similarities to FBP2 from petunia, TM5 from
tomato, and AGL2, AGL4 from Arabidopsis. Although
MdMADS3 was expressed in the inner three whorls of
the Żoral primordium, its expression was hardly detect-
able in developing fruit. The second gene, MdMADS4,
was ubiquitously expressed in the inŻorescence meri-
stem, Żoral meristem, all four Żoral organs, and fruit.
Moreover, MdMADS4 expression was high in the
vascular bundles assigned to the Żoral tube and the
carpellary vascular bundles in fruit at early develop-
mental stages. The MdMADS4 transcript also accumu-
lated in embryos of the developing seeds. These results
suggest that MdMADS3 and MdMADS4 are involved in
dierent functions, and that MdMADS4 may function


Source: An, Gynheung - Department of Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology


Collections: Biotechnology; Biology and Medicine