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IPS ANNUAL MEETING 2006 President's report

President's report
1. Congratulations to Ofer Biham and his committee for an excellent meeting, and
especially thank Nir Shaviv for the website and online registration which I propose
be copied for the future.
2. We are a legal amuta with the Rasham Amutot and working on tax-free status.
(We still do not have ishur nihul takin for 2006, but it should be any day now.)
The tax-free status has been held up by one missing financial report, and we are
now requesting that the process proceed without this missing report.
3. Thanks to hardwork by several people - notably Cezar - the membership picture
is much better, 51 members as of last week and many more signups today. Many
of these took the two year option.
Some items we need to discuss over the coming months:
4. During 2007 we will begin the transition to the new president and will need to
select a new vice-president (it is Weizmann Institute's turn, and if not them then
Bar Ilan) and make decisions concerning whether the Technion will continue to
host IPS membership and the newsletter as it has for the last six years or whether
these should move to either Hebrew University or to the location of the new vice-
president where they could again stay for six years. I propose a discussion of
these matters via email over the next few months.


Source: Adler, Joan - Physics Department, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Physics