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Wait-Free Consensus James Aspnes

Summary: Wait-Free Consensus
James Aspnes
July 24, 1992
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Submitted in partial ful llment of the requirements
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
c 1992 James Aspnes.
This research was supported by an IBM Graduate Fellowship and an NSF Graduate
Keywords: distributed algorithms, shared memory, consensus, random
walks, martingales, shared coins
Consensus is a decision problem in which n processors, each starting with a
value not known to the others, must collectively agree on a single value. If the
initial values are equal, the processors must agree on that commonvalue; this
is the validity condition. A consensus protocol is wait-free if every proces-
sor nishes in a nite number of its own steps regardless of the relative speeds


Source: Aspnes, James - Department of Computer Science, Yale University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences