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Combining Planning and Motion Planning Jaesik Choi and Eyal Amir

Summary: Combining Planning and Motion Planning
Jaesik Choi and Eyal Amir
Abstract-- Robotic manipulation is important for real, phys-
ical world applications. General Purpose manipulation with a
robot (eg. delivering dishes, opening doors with a key, etc.)
is demanding. It is hard because (1) objects are constrained
in position and orientation, (2) many non-spatial constraints
interact (or interfere) with each other, and (3) robots may have
multi-degree of freedoms (DOF). In this paper we solve the
problem of general purpose robotic manipulation using a novel
combination of planning and motion planning. Our approach
integrates motions of a robot with other (non-physical or
external-to-robot) actions to achieve a goal while manipulating
objects. It differs from previous, hierarchical approaches in that
(a) it considers kinematic constraints in configuration space (C-
space) together with constraints over object manipulations; (b)
it automatically generates high-level (logical) actions from a C-
space based motion planning algorithm; and (c) it decomposes
a planning problem into small segments, thus reducing the
complexity of planning.


Source: Amir, Eyal - Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences