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Daniel L. Schacter and Donna Rose Addis

Summary: Daniel L. Schacter and
Donna Rose Addis
In the days after the 1995 Oklahoma City
bombing, the authorities began hunting
for a suspect they named John Doe 2. A
mechanic had vividly recalled seeing this
man with the bomber, Timothy McVeigh,
at a body shop where they rented the van
used to carry out the crime. But John
Doe 2 was never found. Further investiga-
tions revealed that the mechanic had mis-
takenly recalled that an innocent man he
saw the next day at the body shop -- with
someone who looked like McVeigh -- had
accompanied McVeigh the day before. The
mechanic had combined accurate bits of
memory from two separate episodes
into a single, inaccurate recollection.
errors can create confusion in every-


Source: Addis, Donna Rose - Department of Psychology, University of Auckland
Schacter, Daniel - Department of Psychology, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine