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Declarative Programming with Function Patterns # Sergio Antoy 1 Michael Hanus 2

Summary: Declarative Programming with Function Patterns #
Sergio Antoy 1 Michael Hanus 2
1 Computer Science Dept., Portland State University, Oregon, U.S.A.
2 Institut f˜ ur Informatik, CAU Kiel, D­24098 Kiel, Germany.
Logic Based Program Synthesis and Transformation: 15th Int'nl Symp., LOPSTR 2005
London, UK, September 7--9, 2005
# Springer­Verlag LNCS Vol. 3901, pages 6--22
Abstract. We propose an extension of functional logic languages that allows the
definition of operations with patterns containing other defined operation symbols.
Such ``function patterns'' have many advantages over traditional constructor pat­
terns. They allow a direct representation of specifications as declarative programs,
provide better abstractions of patterns as first­class objects, and support the high­
level programming of queries and transformation of complex structures. More­
over, they avoid known problems that occur in traditional programs using strict
equality. We define their semantics via a transformation into standard functional
logic programs. Since this transformation might introduce an infinite number of
rules, we suggest an implementation that can be easily integrated with existing


Source: Antoy, Sergio - Department of Computer Science, Portland State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences