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letters to nature 924 NATURE |VOL 411 |21 JUNE 2001 |www.nature.com

Summary: letters to nature
924 NATURE |VOL 411 |21 JUNE 2001 |www.nature.com
encesĐZn atoms locally destroy superconductivity9
while Ni atoms
do not.
Finally, magnetic probes sensitive to spin Żuctuations reveal
marked changes with Zn-doping24,26±31
but only weak perturbations
with Ni-doping24,25,29,31
. Explanations for these phenomena have
been proposed5,6,27,28,30
whereby Zn behaves like a `magnetic hole' (a
spinless site in an environment of strongly exchange-coupled spins)
that strongly alters NN exchange correlations and disrupts super-
conductivity, whereas Ni retains a magnetic moment that barely
perturbs the antiferromagnetic exchange correlations that facilitate
superconductivity. Although the NMR and INS data24±31
are quite
consistent with the magnetic component of such models, their
predictions for local electronic phenomena at Ni and Zn can only


Source: Aussillous, Pascale - Polytech Marseille


Collections: Physics; Engineering