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ene selectivities are consistent with homoge-neous reactions in the absence of O2. Further

Summary: ene selectivities are consistent with homoge-
neous reactions in the absence of O2. Further
experiments and simulation would be required
to distinguish between these mechanisms.
This system is an example where extreme
conditions can be used to produce a very high
selectivity to a single product at high temper-
atures in a very efficient reactor configura-
tion, even though thermodynamic equilibri-
um predicts mostly solid carbon and only a
few percent ethylene. The process operates
by combining the fast surface oxidation reac-
tions on a modified Pt surface with homoge-
neous and heterogeneous dehydrogenation
processes. We have shown that homogeneous
reactions alone cannot account for the ob-
served results, but the specific role of homo-
geneous reaction steps, if any, has not yet
been determined. We suggest that extreme
conditions such as these may provide the


Source: Ashoori, Raymond - Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Collections: Physics