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Plume-driven plumbing and crustal formation in Iceland Richard M. Allen,1,2

Summary: Plume-driven plumbing and crustal formation in Iceland
Richard M. Allen,1,2
Guust Nolet,1
W. Jason Morgan,1
Kristi´n Vogfjo¨rd,3
Meredith Nettles,4
Go¨ran Ekstro¨m,4
Bergur H. Bergsson,3
Pa´lmi Erlendsson,3
G. R. Foulger,5
Steinunn Jakobsdo´ttir,3
Bruce R. Julian,6
Matt Pritchard,5
Sturla Ragnarsson,3
and Ragnar Stefa´nsson3
Received 23 April 2001; revised 31 December 2001; accepted 4 January 2002; published 22 August 2002.
[1] Through combination of surface wave and body wave constraints we derive a three-
dimensional (3-D) crustal S velocity model and Moho map for Iceland. It reveals a vast
plumbing system feeding mantle plume melt into upper crustal magma chambers where
crustal formation takes place. The method is based on the partitioned waveform


Source: Allen, Richard M. - Seismological Laboratory, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California at Berkeley
Foulger, G. R. - Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham


Collections: Geosciences