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Build-by-Number: Rearranging the Real World to Visualize Novel Architectural Spaces

Summary: Build-by-Number: Rearranging the Real World to Visualize Novel
Architectural Spaces
Daniel Bekins* Daniel G. Aliaga

Department of Computer Science at Purdue University
We present Build-by-Number, a technique for quickly designing
architectural structures that can be rendered photorealistically at
interactive rates. We combine image-based capturing and
rendering with procedural modeling techniques to allow the
creation of novel structures in the style of real-world structures.
Starting with a simple model recovered from a sparse image set,
the model is divided into feature regions, such as doorways,
windows, and brick. These feature regions essentially comprise a
mapping from model space to image space, and can be
recombined to texture a novel model. Procedural rules for the
growth and reorganization of the model are automatically derived
to allow for very fast editing and design. Further, the redundancies
marked by the feature labeling can be used to perform automatic
occlusion replacement and color equalization in the finished


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences