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Single Viewpoint Model Completion of Symmetric Objects for Digital Inspection

Summary: Single Viewpoint Model Completion of Symmetric
Objects for Digital Inspection
Alvin J. Law and Daniel G. Aliaga
Department of Computer Science, Purdue University
The ability to create complete 3D models of real world objects is an important
task for various applications. In digital inspection, complete models allow users to
analyze the entirety of an object. However, various difficulties arise for image-
based acquisition techniques. First, the viewpoint planning problem must be
solved. Second, each of the resulting viewpoint captures must be combined with
either zippering or 3D triangulation, both difficult problems. We observe that if an
object is symmetric, then the object's symmetry can be exploited so that a single
viewpoint capture is sufficient to generate a complete, 3D triangulated model. In
our work, three problems of previous approaches to generating complete models
are avoided or minimized: 1) we avoid 3D triangulation, 2) we avoid searches for
geometry to extend our models, and 3) we minimize viewpoint planning to the
selection of a single viewpoint. Our approach also includes algorithms to mitigate
global deformations due to capture error. We demonstrate our approach by
capturing, reconstructing, and completing several scenes of one or more objects
and illustrating several digital inspection methods with these scenes.


Source: Aliaga, Daniel G. - Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences