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Math 605, Fall 2011. Final Project description and instructions.

Summary: Math 605, Fall 2011.
Final Project description and instructions.
Project description: You are to find a model from the biological (loosely defined) liter-
ature that is of interest to you. Journals you may consider perusing are Science, PNAS,
PloS Biology, and Journal of Computational Physics. You could also find different interest-
ing models in text books, such as Linda Allens' Stochastic Processes: with Applicaitons to
Biology. Of course, probably the best method of search in the modern age is to
a. First come up with a loose subject area of interest (suggested topics are below).
b. Google it and find a bunch of material and find a favorite primary source and really begin
c. Eventually track down any other references (if necessary).
d. Talk to me throughout this process!
Suggested topics include:
1. Genetic models.
(a) More complicated and realistic models for phylogenetic distance. (A good starting
reference would be Elizabeth S. Allman and John A. Rhodes, Mathematical Models
in Biology: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 2004.) You would need
to investigate other models for base substitution in DNA (i.e. mutations).
(b) A thorough investigation of the Wright-Fischer model, including natural general-


Source: Anderson, David F. - Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


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