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A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Information Retrieval Across Digital Library Collections

Summary: A Peer-to-Peer Architecture for Information Retrieval
Across Digital Library Collections
Ivana Podnar, Toan Luu, Martin Rajman, Fabius Klemm, and Karl Aberer
School of Computer and Communication Sciences
Ecole Polytechnique F´ed´erale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Lausanne, Switzerland
{ivana.podnar, vinhtoan.luu, martin.rajman,
fabius.klemm, karl.aberer}@epfl.ch
Abstract. Peer-to-peer networks have been identified as promising architectural
concept for developing search scenarios across digital library collections. Dig-
ital libraries typically offer sophisticated search over their local content, how-
ever, search methods involving a network of such stand-alone components are
currently quite limited. We present an architecture for highly-efficient search
over digital library collections based on structured P2P networks. As the stan-
dard single-term indexing strategy faces significant scalability limitations in dis-
tributed environments, we propose a novel indexing strategy­key-based indexing.
The keys are term sets that appear in a restricted number of collection docu-
ments. Thus, they are discriminative with respect to the global document collec-
tion, and ensure scalable search costs. Moreover, key-based indexing computes
posting list joins during indexing time, which significantly improves query per-


Source: Aberer, Karl - Faculté Informatique et Communications, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences