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Planetary and Space Science 53 (2005) 459460 Special issue on the ``Surfaces and atmospheres of the outer planets,

Summary: Planetary and Space Science 53 (2005) 459460
Special issue on the ``Surfaces and atmospheres of the outer planets,
their satellites and ring systems''
This special issue of PSS represents select articles
based on research presented during the PS9 and PS10
sessions of the 28th European Geophysical Union
(EGU) meeting in Nice, France from 22 to 26 April
2002, as well as two articles from the session PS4.2 of the
2004 EGU meeting in Nice, France (611 April). The
aim of these sessions was to discuss recent observational
and modeling work on the atmospheres and surfaces of
the giant planets and their satellites, as well as the ring
systems. A number of papers in this issue also review the
current state of knowledge about some of these bodies.
In this issue we have one article on the rings by Griv
and Gedalin who explore in detail the linear regime of
growing of Jeans instabilities in Saturn's rings by means
of a 2D local N-body shearing-boxes model. They
interestingly test numerically a modified criterion for


Source: Atreya, Sushil - Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science, University of Michigan


Collections: Physics