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Book Reviews Sexual Conflict. By GO RAN ARNQVIST & LOCKE ROWE.

Summary: Book Reviews
Sexual Conflict. By GO¨ RAN ARNQVIST & LOCKE ROWE.
Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press (2005).
Pp. xiiC330. Price £26.95/$39.50 paperback.
Mating has long been seen as a harmonious event
between partners to produce offspring. However, this
view has drastically changed over the past decades because
researchers have come to realize that mating partners
often have incompatible ideas about their liaison. In
a nutshell, the main message of Sexual Conflict is just
that: whenever animals mate there is conflict between
the sexes. To convey this message to a wider audience,
the authors have taken on the overdue task of reviewing
a field that has been growing exponentially and is still on
the rise. This first comprehensive overview of the topic
wonderfully illustrates the many ways in which sexual
conflict can influence the evolution of animal behaviour.
Before getting into the nitty-gritty of sexual conflict,
Go¨ran Arnqvist and Locke Rowe introduce sexual selec-
tion. By doing so, they can subsequently clearly embed


Source: Arnqvist, Göran - Department of Animal Ecology, Uppsala Universitet
Rowe, Locke - Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology