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Performance of V-BLAST MIMO-OFDM Sy stems w ith C arrier Freq u ency Offset

Summary: Performance of V-BLAST MIMO-OFDM
Sy stems w ith C arrier Freq u ency Offset
H imal A. Su raw eera and Jean Armstrong
Abstract-- In this paper we study the effects of carrier
freq uency offset (C F O ) on the perform ance of a V ertical
B ell L ab s L ayered S pace-T im e (V -B L A S T ) orthog onal
freq uency m ultiplex ing (O F D M ) system . It is shown that
C F O introduced intercarrier interference (IC I) can cause
sig nifi cant perform ance deg radation. IC I m ak es initial
sig nal detection unreliab le and introduces error propag a-
tion for the sub seq uent interference cancellation stag es in
the V -B L A S T alg orithm . A n IC I cancellation m ethod to
im prov e the error perform ance is proposed which uses
the initial data estim ated. F or the uncoded system used
in the sim ulations, the techniq ue is effectiv e in reducing
the sym b ol error rate at hig h sig nal-to-noise ratio v alues.
R ap id g row th in commu nications and internet d e-
mand s th e u se of reliab le w ireless link s w ith larg e
b and w id th cap acity . A tech niq u e w h ich p romises h ig h


Source: Armstrong, Jean - Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University


Collections: Engineering