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North Pole; (ii) 1.4 1016 kg uniformly

Summary: North Pole; (ii) 1.4 1016
kg uniformly
distributed from one hemisphere to the other;
or (iii) 1.1 1016
kg from the oceans to land
at high latitudes. We suggest that any reason-
able model should therefore have a total sea-
sonal transported mass within 40% of 1.0
kg. Secondly, models should predict that
the load peaks near the poles in their respec-
tive late-winter seasons. Thirdly, models
should predict that the load's trajectory fol-
lows an approximate great circle over the
continents (Fig. 3).
From remote sensing, it is known that the
mass of snow in the Northern Hemisphere
peaks during February to March at 0.3 1016
kg (5, 16). Recent analysis in atmospheric re-
search (6) confirms earlier interpretations (7)


Source: Adkins, Jess F. - Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences