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Multifunctional Interventional Devices for MRI: A Combined Electrophysiology/MRI Catheter

Summary: Multifunctional Interventional Devices for MRI:
A Combined Electrophysiology/MRI Catheter
Robert C. Susil, Christopher J. Yeung, Henry R. Halperin, Albert C. Lardo, and
Ergin Atalar*
The design and application of a two-wire electrophysiology (EP)
catheter that simultaneously records the intracardiac electro-
gram and receives the MR signal for active catheter tracking is
described. The catheter acts as a long loop receiver, allowing
for visualization of the entire catheter length while simulta-
neously behaving as a traditional two-wire EP catheter, allow-
ing for intracardiac electrogram recording and ablation. The
application of the device is demonstrated by simultaneously
tracking the catheter and recording the intracardiac electro-
gram in canine models using 7 and 10 frame/sec real-time
imaging sequences. Using solely MR imaging, the entire cath-
eter was visualized and guided from the jugular vein into the
cardiac chambers, where the intracardiac electrogram was re-
corded. By combining several functions in a single, simple
structure, the excellent tissue contrast and functional imaging
capabilities of MR can be used to improve the efficacy of EP


Source: Atalar, Ergin - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering; Biology and Medicine