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Introduction Fossil age constraints for continental sedimentary

Summary: Introduction
Fossil age constraints for continental sedimentary
deposits are invariably more difficult to obtain than for
marine sediments. In western Norway, where the
Devonian 'Old Red Sandstone' (ORS) deposits have
been key elements for addressing the late stages of
tectonic development of the Scandinavian Caledonide
orogen (Steel 1976; Roberts 1983; Hossack 1984;
Norton 1986; Osmundsen et al. 1998; Osmundsen &
Andersen 2001), precise dating of the Devonian
sedimentary basins has been particularly difficult,
despite pioneering work in paleontological and
mapping studies since the early 20th century (e.g.
Kolderup 1922; Vogt 1929; Høeg 1945). In the
Hornelen, Kvamshesten and Solund basins of western
Norway (Fig. 1a), plant and fish fossils were used to
determine a Middle Devonian age for some of the
continental clastic units (Kolderup 1922, 1926; Jarvik
1950), although well-preserved fossils and spores are
relatively scarce and age determinations within and


Source: Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge - Centre for Physics of Geological Processes & Department of Geosciences, Universitetet i Oslo


Collections: Geosciences