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Performance of TCP/UDP under Ad Hoc IEEE802.11 Milenko Petrovic

Summary: Performance of TCP/UDP under Ad Hoc IEEE802.11
Milenko Petrovic
Dept. of ECE
University of Toronto
Toronto ON. Canada
TCP is the De facto standad for connection oriented
tmnsport layer protocol, while UDP is the De facto
standad for tmnsport layer protocol, which is used with
md time tmfic for audio and video. Although there
have been muny attempts to m m r e and analyze the
performance of the TCP protocol in wireless networks,
very few mearch W M done on the UDP or the inter-
action between TCP and UDP t m c over the wireless
link. In this paper, we tudy the pe@n"mce of TCP
and UDP over IEEE802.11 ad hoc network. We used
two topologies, a string and a mesh topology. Our work
indicates that IEEE802.11 M a ad-hoc network is not
very suitable for buUc tmnsfer using TCP. It also in-
dicates that it is much better for real-time audio. AI-


Source: Aboelaze, Mokhtar - Department of Computer Science, York University (Toronto)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences