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Introduction Rain was welcomed across most of the country during

Summary: Introduction
Rain was welcomed across most of the country during
spring 2005, with central and eastern Australia receiv-
ing average to very much above average amounts, in
stark contrast to the extremely dry conditions of the
first half of the year. Only parts of northern and cen-
tral Western Australia, western Victoria and far north
Queensland observed below average rainfall.
The equatorial Pacific remained in a neutral state,
with the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) averaging
+4.0 for the season. Although the sea-surface temper-
atures across most of the equatorial Pacific were
slightly warm, the far-eastern Pacific was anomalous-
ly cool and the chances of an El Niņo (or, in fact, La
Niņa) event developing during the season were con-
sidered slim (SCO August 2005).
Anomalously warm temperatures occurred across
most of Australia during spring, following on from
the warmest autumn on record (with regard to both
mean and maximum temperature; Bettio 2006) and a


Source: Arblaster, Julie - Bureau of Meteorology, Australia


Collections: Geosciences