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CS440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Syllabus for Fall 1996

Summary: CS440: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Syllabus for Fall 1996
Where and When: USC 100, Tuesday, Thursday 12:30--1:45pm
Instructor: Chuck Anderson
Address: University Services Center 225
Dept. of Computer Science
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone: 970­491­7491
E­mail Address: anderson@cs.colostate.edu
Office Hours: USC 225, Tuesday, Thursday, 10:00--11:00 am, or by appointment (send me e­mail)
Course Objectives and Descriptions
ffl learn symbolic computation using Common Lisp and Prolog,
ffl practice techniques for programming artificial intelligence applications,
ffl introduce the theories and representational structures underlying artificial intelligence.
Class discussions will range from Lisp and Prolog programming fundamentals to philosophical is­
sues in artificial intelligence (AI). Common Lisp and Prolog are used to illustrate basic data struc­
tures and programming techniques in AI. Common Lisp programs that implement problem­solving
search methods, logical reasoning techniques, production­rule systems, and neural networks will be
studied and modified. Students must complete a number of written and programming assignments.


Source: Anderson, Charles W. - Department of Computer Science, Colorado State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences