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Lookahead Saturation with Restriction for SAT and John Slaney1,2

Summary: Lookahead Saturation with Restriction for SAT
and John Slaney1,2
Logic and Computation Program, National ICT Australia Ltd., Canberra, Australia
Computer Sciences Laboratory, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
{anbulagan, john.slaney}@nicta.com.au
Abstract. We present a new and more efficient heuristic by restricting
lookahead saturation (LAS) with NVO (neighbourhood variable order-
ing) and DEW (dynamic equality weighting). We report on the integra-
tion of this heuristic in Satz, a high-performance SAT solver, showing
empirically that it significantly improves the performance on an exten-
sive range of benchmark problems that exhibit hard structure.
1 Introduction
During the last decade, many new techniques have been proposed to enhance the
performance of the DPLL procedure for solving various hard real-world problems
represented in conjunctive normal form (CNF). One of the main improvements
of this decision procedure has been the development of better branching variable
selection through the use of unit propagation (UP) heuristics [1], which detect


Source: Anbulagan, A. - National ICT Australia & Computer Sciences Laboratory, Australian National University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences