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University of Regina Campus Master Plan Design Charrette Outcomes

Summary:  University of Regina Campus Master Plan
Design Charrette Outcomes
Group 2
Facilitator: Antonio Gomez-Palacio
U of R is a visionary, inclusive, sustainable, vibrant place of learning with a campus setting that is beautiful,
welcoming, connected outwards and within, with a strong sense of home, community, and belonging.
U of R will...
foster a sense of belonging throughout Campus and for distinct identities, in a way that is integrated with the
university as a whole
be an integrated part of the community
be a beautiful, welcoming campus
be a campus that is part of the park
be designed to accommodate all modes of transportation that prioritizes pedestrians (walking, cycling, transit,
accommodate a diversity of family, housing, and transportation needs
be a leader and model for sustainability, environmental stewardship, and academic excellence
foster community wellness and health
be a compact, walkable campus


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics