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Compiling Self-Adjusting Programs with Continuations Ruy Ley-Wild

Summary: Compiling Self-Adjusting Programs with Continuations
Ruy Ley-Wild
Carnegie Mellon University
Matthew Fluet Umut A. Acar
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Self-adjusting programs respond automatically and efficiently to
input changes by tracking the dynamic data dependences of the
computation and incrementally updating the output as needed.
In order to identify data dependences, previously proposed ap-
proaches require the user to make use of a set of monadic primi-
tives. Rewriting an ordinary program into a self-adjusting program
with these primitives, however, can be difficult and error-prone due
to various monadic and proper-usage restrictions, some of which
cannot be enforced statically. Previous work therefore suggests that
self-adjusting computation would benefit from direct language and
compiler support.
In this paper, we propose a language-based technique for writ-


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group, Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences