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Function: Cliplus:-RCbig -extends the right contraction procedure 'RC' from 'CLIFFORD' Calling Sequence

Summary: Function: Cliplus:-RCbig - extends the right contraction procedure 'RC' from 'CLIFFORD'
Calling Sequence:
p1, p2 - any two Clifford polynomials expressed in Grassmann or Clifford basis
name - (optional) parameter of type 'name', 'symbol', 'matrix', or 'array', or
This procedure extends procedure Clifford:-RC from 'CLIFFORD'. Recall, that RC(u,v) was a
valid input for 'RC' provided u and v were polynomials in Cl(V,B) expressed in Grassmann basis,
that is, expressions of type, `type/clibasmon`, `type/climon`, or `type/clipolynom`. For
completeness, procedure 'RC' was also accepting `type/cliscalar` for u and v.
After loading 'Cliplus', procedure 'RC' will have the same properties as 'RC' plus the additional
versatility afforded by the procedure 'RCbig'. That is, it can now accept polynomial expressions
for u and v that contain monomial terms of `type/cliprod`, that is the unevaluated Clifford product
`&C`. Notice, that when 'Cliplus' is loaded, definitions of `type/climon` and `type/clipolynom` are
extended to include monomial terms with expressions `&C`.
NOTE: When using &C with an optional index, enclose &C in left quotes as in `&C`[K].
When optional parameter of type 'name' is used, then it replaces B in computations. See examples


Source: Ablamowicz, Rafal - Department of Mathematics, Tennessee Technological University


Collections: Mathematics