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Editor: Alberto Broggi University of Parma, Italy

Summary: Editor: Alberto Broggi
University of Parma, Italy
I n t e l l i g e n t T r a n s p o r t a t i o n S y s t e m s
12 1094-7167/03/$17.00 2003 IEEE IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Her baby daughter was delivered seven weeks early by emer-
gency Caesarian section and is in critical condition. The girl's
10-month-old brother, who was in a child restraint in the
backseat, is also in critical condition. The accident happened
when a car, thought to have been traveling at up to 80 kmph
(the speed limit), failed to stop. Days later, another fatality
occurred--this time a truck driver. The truck left its lane,
jumped the guard rail, and hit an embankment. Both acci-
dents happened in fine driving conditions on the city's edge.
Perhaps the drivers could have avoided these accidents
if they had received a warning about the impending situa-
tion. Almost every driver has experienced a warning from
a passenger, perhaps about an obscured car while merging
or a jaywalking pedestrian in a blind spot. Such warnings
could save countless lives every day.


Source: Apostoloff, Nicholas - Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford


Collections: Engineering; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences