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Injective Morita Contexts (Revisited) Dedicated to Prof. Robert Wisbauer

Summary: Injective Morita Contexts (Revisited)
Dedicated to Prof. Robert Wisbauer
J. Y. Abuhlail
S. K. Nauman
Department of Mathematics & Statistics Department of Mathematics
King Fahd University of Petroleum King AbdulAziz University
& Minerals, Box # 5046 P.O.Box 80203
31261 Dhahran (KSA) 21589 Jeddah (KSA)
abuhlail@kfupm.edu.sa synakhaled@hotmail.com
This paper is an exposition of the so-called injective Morita contexts (in which
the connecting bimodule morphisms are injective) and Morita -contexts (in which
the connecting bimodules enjoy some local projectivity in the sense of Zimmermann-
Huisgen). Motivated by situations in which only one trace ideal is in action, or
the compatibility between the bimodule morphisms is not needed, we introduce the
notions of Morita semi-contexts and Morita data, and investigate them. Injective
Morita data will be used (with the help of static and adstatic modules) to establish
equivalences between some intersecting subcategories related to subcategories of cat-
egories of modules that are localized or colocalized by trace ideals of a Morita datum.
We end up with applications of Morita -contexts to -modules and injective right


Source: Abuhlail, Jawad Younes - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Mathematics