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J. Am. Ceram. SOC., 72 [8] 1571 (1989) llhan A. Aksay,* Mehmet Sarikaya,* and Birol Sonuparlak*,*

Summary: J. Am. Ceram. SOC., 72 [8] 1571 (1989)
llhan A. Aksay,* Mehmet Sarikaya,* and Birol Sonuparlak*,*
Department of MaterialsScience and Engineering, University of Washington, and
Advanced MaterialsTechnology Program, Washington Technology Center, Seattle, Washington 98195
I N OUR recent publication' we illustrated
(1) that the 980C exotherm in the
kaolinite-to-mullite series is caused by the
formation of a y-Alz03spinel phase alone
and (2) that this spinel phase contains not
more than 10 wt% silica in solid solution.
Chakraborty and Ghosh2 agree with us on
the first issue but question the appropriate-
ness of the experimental procedure we
followed in assigning the 980C exotherm
to the formation of the spinel phase. On
the second issue, they dispute our findings
in favor of their earlier results3 on the
grounds that our composition analysis was


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science