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Linear Algebra: Math 110 Fall 2001, MWF 89 in 3 Evans

Summary: Linear Algebra: Math 110
Fall 2001, MWF 89 in 3 Evans
Professor: Michael Anshelevich, 1063 Evans, manshel@math.berkeley.edu.
Office hours: Tu 1112, F 23. The office hours for my other class are M 1112, W 23.
You are welcome to come by then, but the students from the other class have priority.
Class homepage: http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~manshel/m110/m110.html. I will
use it to post homework assignments and last-minute announcements. Also, if you want
to be on the mailing list for the class, send me email in the first week of classes.
Text: Friedberg, Insel, and Spence, Linear Algebra, 3rd ed.
Prerequisites: Math 54. Some topics you should be familiar with: mathematical induction
and the basics of complex numbers, solving systems of linear equations, determinants.
Vector spaces: general theory and examples.
Linear transformations, matrices, and the relationship between them.
Determinants: a brief review.
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization.
Inner product spaces.
Special classes of operators.
Jordan canonical form.
Exams: We will have two in-class midterms, the 1st one on September 26th, the 2nd one


Source: Anshelevich, Michael - Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University


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