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Improved binomial charts for high-quality processes Willem Albers*

Summary: Improved binomial charts for high-quality processes
Willem Albers*
w.albers@utwente.nl, University of Twente, Netherlands
For processes concerning attribute data with (very) small failure rate p, often negative binomial control charts are
used. The decision whether to stop or continue is made each time r failures have occurred, for some r 1. Finding the
optimal r for detecting a given increase of p first requires alignment of the charts in terms of in-control behavior. In
the present paper binomial charts are subjected to this same requirement. Subsequent study reveals that the resulting
charts are quite attractive in several aspects, such as detection power. For the case of unknown p, an estimated
version of the chart is derived and studied.
Statistical process control. Health care monitoring. Geometric charts. Average run length. Estimated parameters.
1. Introduction and motivation
Due to continuing efforts to raise production
standards, the occurrence of high-quality processes
in industrial production becomes more and more
common. Another area where (very) small fractions
of defectives are typical is that of health care
monitoring. Failures like malfunctioning equipment,
surgical errors or recurrence of cancer, should by


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering